REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb de vanzare - Germania

Clipuri cu [Other]REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb
Clipuri cu [Other]REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb
Clipuri cu [Other]REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb
Clipuri cu [Other]REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb
Grup de produseDispozitive mobile de cernut
Marca /modelREMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb
Anul fabricatiei2021
Optiuni extraNou/nefolosit
Locatia masinii68519 Viernheim
Preţ excl. TVAPOA
Ultima inspectie2021
Nota generala (1-5)
Numar de producere2RS
Greutate neta2.500 kg
Motor6,5 KW
Producător de motoareHatz
Dimensiuni transport (Lxlxî)5,6x1,75x3 m
Tip portbagajCu volan
Garanție12 Monate oder 800 Stunden
Tara de productieGermania
Termen de livrareEXW
CertificateCE, TÜV
Atasamente- mit Aggregat / Motor
- ohne Aggregat / Motor
Alte informaţiiOur smallest drum sieve is designed for space-saving sieving and can separate larger quantities of material to be sieved and put them on conveyor belts and in stockpiles when space is limited.
As a car trailer with road approval (80 km & # 47; h) with TüV, it is easy to transport with a total weight of 2.4 tons. Processing of all types of soil, broken building rubble or compost - the RS 1500 is ideal for use in gardening and landscaping, civil engineering or pipeline construction.

What are the problems with conventional screens?

Classic compost is usually moist material. Therefore, it is very difficult to sift out unwanted substances with the help of conventional sieves. The reason for this is that the sieves, due to the wet materials, easily stick together or sometimes also form cuttings. Therefore, normal sieves become clogged after just a few loads and no longer work properly. This in turn means that the sieves often have to be cleaned very thoroughly, or new sieves have to be bought after a short time. In terms of both labor and financial outlay, conventional screens are quite intensive, which is why many are looking for a more effective and better solution.

What is different with a mobile compost sieve?
A compost sieve is exactly this solution; because due to a very special function it does not have the disadvantages of a conventional sieve. In mobile compost screening plants, a rotating screening drum is installed to prevent these problems. Due to the rotation of the sieves, a significantly higher effectiveness and improvement of the result can be observed compared to normal flat-deck sieves, which clog within minutes with moist material or fresh topsoil.

Of course, the improved functionality also depends on the nature of the respective materials, but in general it is possible to speak of a clear improvement. A perfect example of this can be topsoil with small pieces of roots or small turf clods, but also contaminated play sand for sifting. Both materials can be reprocessed with the help of a mobile compost sieve in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort at the customer or on the construction site. A clever system enables the processing of many different materials. Because the good compost can be processed further directly on site via its own conveyor belt, while all the oversized grain is put on the dump using a separate discharge belt.

For which materials is a mobile compost screen suitable?

With a mobile compost sieve you can sieve said compost, light building rubble, topsoil, excavated earth, humus or cemetery waste, but also wood chips, recycling material or even animal feed and metal scrap. Gardeners and cemetery keepers like to use the compost sieve due to its mobility and ease of use.

What are the main advantages of a mobile compost screen?

A big plus is of course the strong functionality of the mobile compost sieve. Because due to the clever system, whereby the good compost is separated from the oversized grain, the use of the system is very easy and the effectiveness is very high. During the sieving process, the good compost can be further processed or used directly. In addition, the screens stay clean and do not stick together. This means that a mobile compost sieve can be used in one piece for much longer.

The second big advantage is already in the name of the mobile compost sieve; she is mobile. Mobility is a very important and decisive factor as it can make many things easier. This means that the entire compost does not always have to be brought to the plant, but the plant can also be brought to the compost.

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Pe Mascus Romania gasesti [Other] REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb dispozitive mobile de cernut. Pretul [Other] REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb is - si a fost produs in 2021. Acest utilaj este localizat in 68519 Viernheim Germania. Pe poti gasi [Other] REMAV RS1500 mobiles Trommelsieb si multe alte modele din dispozitive mobile de cernut. Detalii - Ultima inspectie: 2021, Nota generala (1-5): 5, Numar de producere: 2RS, Greutate neta: 2.500 kg, Motor: 6,5 KW, Producător de motoare: Hatz, Dimensiuni transport (Lxlxî): 5,6x1,75x3 m, Tip portbagaj: Cu volan, Garanție: 12 Monate oder 800 Stunden, Tara de productie: Germania, Termen de livrare: EXW, Certificate: CE, TÜV